c.b. eady design is a communication design consultancy located in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. We offer full-service design services to small brands, as well as design consultancy to agencies.
Chelsea Bell Eady 
Principle Designer
Chelsea is a multi-faceted communication and design professional who focuses on process-driven design. She works in digital, print, and analog mediums, and specializes in developing your brand stories, print pieces, web designs, and product designs. She has a Bachelor of Design in Communication Design with a minor in Social Practice + Community Engagement from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, and has also taught the next generation of web developers and designers at BCIT.
In ‘a designer’s manifesto’, you can explore the 6 principles of Chelsea's practice: 
• collaborate & co-create 
• improve the human condition 
• develop multiple competencies 
• listen reflectively & actively 
• operate equitably 
• experiment often 
Thank you!
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